Freddie Mitchell sounds off

I was on the Web site for 570 KLAC in Los Angeles yesterday looking for the interview where Bengals quarterback Carson Palmer ripped into Ohio State fans, and something caught my eye.

A podcast of an interview with Freddie Mitchell. If you're like me, you haven't really thought of Mitchell too much recently. The last time I saw him was when Mitchell's photo popped up on Deadspin while he was reportedly substitute teaching in Indiana. So when I saw that there were sound bytes of Mitchell, I figured I'd better listen, and I wasn't disappointed.

Here are some highlights:

On why he isn't in the league: "For some reason, I don’t know why it’s happening, it’s not really an explanation for it. I could see if I’m calling the teams and they say you’ve lost a step, but they’re not really saying that."

On why things didn't work out in Philadelphia: "Donovan was Brad Childress’ guy and for whatever reason, Donovan didn’t like me and Brad didn’t like me.

"I know Donovan probably didn’t like me because I came from Hollywood and was this big thing from UCLA to Hollywood, coming to Philadelphia, they’re like ‘Who is this little kid coming in here getting more interviews and more media than I am?' It was bad. It was the same thing with Terrell Owens."

On how he performed during an offseason workout with the Ravens: "I did a pretty good job over there, didn’t drop one ball. They said they were going to get back to me."

On the league being a business: "If they want to blackball you out of the league, they can blackball you out of the league."

There was more. Mitchell said he's staying in shape and can run a high 4.4 in the 40-yard dash. He also had a couple great quotes that you might find inside a fortune cookie like "It's funny how society works" and "Success is situational."

Mitchell said there's no reason he shouldn't be in the league.

"I know that they know I can play in the league. I’ve done it," he said.

I guess he was referring to 2003 when he took the league by storm with 35 catches for 498 yards and two touchdowns.

If you're looking to kill 12 minutes, the radio station has the entire interview posted for your listening pleasure.