Freddie Mitchell criticizes McNabb, supports Reid

It seems that everyone is offering their opinion on the current state of the Eagles, and former wide receiver Freddie Mitchell is no exception.

FredEx talked about Donovan McNabb, Andy Reid and where the franchise is headed in an interview with Jody Mac and Harry Mayes on ESPN 950 this morning. Mitchell offered complete support for Reid, but was not so kind with his words for McNabb, which should come as no surprise.

Here are snippets of the interview:

Did he see this coming, specifically with McNabb?

"Well I mean, when you're in that environment and you see the intricacies of what's going on and the plays and stuff like that and what's not being produced, it was hard for me not to say something. ... My situation was pretty bad because I had to pick... go for what was wrong or go for what was right...T.O., a lot of people don't like him but he was totally in the right."

Did Reid coddle McNabb too much?

"There was a lot of breast milk out there."

How was McNabb viewed in the locker room when Mitchell played?

"It wasn't really a leader. ...Everyone knew what we had to do and we got it done. We were coached well."

Should the Eagles cut ties with Reid, McNabb or neither?

"Definitely not the coach. One hundred percent not the coach. ...Coach Reid is an amazing coach. He knows how to win." [Mitchell never really answered about McNabb]

On his relationship with McNabb when the two were teammates.

"It's sad that me and Donovan couldn't get along. ...I've had a lot of meetings with Donovan like 'Donovan, what am I doing wrong? How can I get better as a receiver?' and he would never ever tell me anything."
There was more from Mitchell.  He repeated comments made in July that the reason he's not playing has nothing to do with his athletic ability.

"It's not rocket science. Why didn't Barry Bonds play last year? It's not his ability to hit home runs."

Whatever that means.

Mitchell said he calls T.O., Brian Westbrook and Correll Buckhalter every week.

"Every time I talk to 'em, they're like 'there's no reason why you shouldn't be out there playing,'" Mitchell said.

And when asked about if McNabb really threw up in the Super Bowl, Mitchell simply laughed and avoided the question. It almost sounded like he was confused about what was being asked, but maybe that was just my interpretation.

So what is Mitchell up to nowadays anyway? He opened up a joint called Brothers' Barbecue in Lakeland, Fla.

To listen to the entire radio interview, click here.