Freddie Mitchell is still talking

I started this blog back in July, and this will be my third post about Freddie Mitchell.

Kind of embarrassing. I know.

That being said, when I saw FredEx granting yet another interview -- this time on Comcast SportsNet -- I had to grab my laptop.

Mitchell talked about the usual topics -- the Super Bowl, Donovan McNabb and 4th-and-26. He also took a little shot (by my interpretation) at his boy T.O. for being "hurt every two weeks." If someone could please get Ed Werder on the phone to get reaction from Owens, I'd appreciate it.

But before we get to the quotes, rest assured that this week will be all about Eagles-Giants and the divisional round of the playoffs. Here are my 10 observations from the win over the Vikings in case you missed them.

And now excerpts from Mitchell's interview:

On 4th and 26: "The media and the Eagles try to downplay that play. They don’t really want to put it in as one of their greatest plays that ever happened. The play really pissed me off though. The play really got me mad because if you look at the whole game, that was the first time they ever threw me the ball. For it to be 20 degrees, and working as hard as I worked the whole game, that was the first time I even got thrown to the whole game, so it really got me mad. And I just want to thank Donovan McNabb for giving me the opportunity on 4th-and-26 to catch a ball that game."

On [OK, I have no idea what the question was here]: "Sometimes the Eagles have a lot of control over the media, especially Comcast. And they understand what to say and what to talk about. You can go ahead and belittle Freddie Mitchell all you want because we control the situation and we control the success so I think that has a lot to do with it."

On his performance in the Super Bowl: "If you go and look at the film, I did a lot of work to free T.O. I did a lot of work to free him up. You can go and look, go and see, I remember vividly, I was picking players so he could get wide open and run 40-yard first downs."

"I had all that tension with me and all that hype brought up and it really was bitter because I didn’t feel like I was being utilized my whole time in Philly the way I should have been so I couldn’t really shut the Patriots up like I wanted to."

On the Eagles' fourth-quarter drive against the Patriots: "That last drive, when I had to call out the plays, as Jon Runyan and Hank Fraley discussed earlier, and really let the cat out the bag that I called a couple plays for the whole team, so it was interesting."

On his time in Philadelphia: "It was annoying because I’d go through the same practices and everything else. Four years with the Eagles with no injury, playing every game. Little things like that don’t get noticed. You can go and have the big No. 1 receiver and everything else but he’s hurt every two weeks. So it’s good though. I enjoyed my time with the Eagles. I loved everything about Philadelphia and I definitely wouldn’t take nothing back if I had to do it all over again."