First quarter: Panthers 7, Eagles 0

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How they scored

0:47 -- Carolina's Richard Marshall intercepted Sav Rocca on a fake field-goal attempt and returned it 78 yards for a touchdown near the end of the first quarter.

First quarter observations

15:00 -- Welcome to another version of the Moving the Chains game blog. I'm watching on TV and recording my thoughts. Feel free to chime in during the game with your own observations as the Eagles take on the Panthers. Your announcers for the evening are Joe Buck and Troy Aikman. It looks like rain at the outset.

15:00 -- When you hear Eagles, Panthers and the Linc, what do you think of? Me too. The NFC championship in the stadium's first season when Carolina advanced to the Super Bowl. Let's just move on from this thought.

15:00 -- Pam Oliver and Chris Myers are also with us. FOX's No. 1 announcing team and two sideline announcers? Is this the second preseason game or the NFC championship?

13:49 -- Nice defensive start for the Birds. Mike Patterson stopped DeAngelo Williams for a loss on first down. And then Asante Samuel, seeing his first game action, broke up a pass intended for Muhsin Muhammad on second down. The Panthers were forced to punt one play later.

13:09 -- Donte' Curry nails DeSean Jackson on the punt return. Meanwhile, I just saw lightning outside, and I'm in center city. If suddenly there ceases to be updates on this blog, you can safely assume that the power went out here.

13:01 -- Brian Westbrook catches a swing pass for 3 yards. Ok, I've seen enough of him Andy. Let's get him back to the sideline.

12:06 -- Reggie Brown slams his helmet on the ground on the sideline with an apparent injury. Troy Aikman speculates that he may have injured his hamstring.

11:50 -- Jed Collins picks up a first down on third-and-inches. Yes, Andy ran the ball on third-and-short. Don't get too excited. It is only the preseason.

10:17 -- Brown is headed to the locker room and won't return with an apparent hamstring injury.

10:04 -- Jackson's first catch of the night is good for 11 yards and an Eagles first down.

8:21 -- The Eagles are forced to punt. McNabb missed a wide open Kevin Curtis on second down. Was that McNabb's first bad pass of the preseason? Curtis was called for an illegal block in the back earlier in the series to negate a 14-yard run and catch by Westbrook.

7:18 -- Nice tackle by Brian Dawkins on third down. The Eagles' defense forces a second straight three-and-out.

6:08 -- Shoeshineboy asked why I'm not in the press box. The NFL has rules about blogging at games. Plus, I just got a new TV so I think I prefer this setup. The free food wouldn't be bad though.

5:24 -- Nice double move by Jackson, but McNabb's throw is just out of his reach. Otherwise it could have been a touchdown.

5:01 -- Well, time for a break. The teams have been sent to the locker rooms because of the inclement weather. I'll be back blogging when play resumes. In the mean time, feel free to offer your early-game observations.

UPDATE: Players are expected to return to the field around 9:15, and play is expected to resume around 9:30.