Cowboys' Jones '10 times better' than Westbrook?

Between the Stewart Bradley news and the Andy Reid press conference, it's been a strange day here at Lehigh.

Before I hit the sack and dream of the complimentary continental breakfast that awaits me in the morning, I have a few links to share from across the Web.

Let's start with a pretty interesting quote I read from Cowboys wide receiver Sam Hurd.

Hurd was asked to talk about second-year back Felix Jones, who, according to the Express-News in San Antonio, has been watching tape of Brian Westbrook this offseason.

“He's 10 times better than Brian Westbrook,” Hurd told reporter Chad Peters. “And I like Brian Westbrook. I've always liked him. He's a great player. I mean, awesome.

“But Felix, man. Like I always say, I ain't ever seen nothing like Felix Jones.”

Ten times better? Really?

I generally wonder if we make too much of the whole "bulletin board material" thing, but I'm guessing this one will make its way back to Westbrook.

The more I see No. 36 out there rehabbing every day, the more I think he really is going to buck the trend and deliver one more monster year.

And if he doesn't, it won't be for a lack of effort.

A couple more links to pass along:

** Michael Lombardi of the National Football Post writes that Joe Mays is at a disadvantage because of his height. Lombardi thinks Tank Daniels could get a shot and says the Eagles could look outside their current roster for Bradley's replacement.

** On Saturday, I Tweeted that's Peter King and Ross Tucker were here at Eagles camp. King mentioned the Birds several times in his MMQB column, with notes on Jim Johnson, Ellis Hobbs and LeSean McCoy. But probably most importantly, he raved about going to a Lehigh Valley IronPigs game. Is it really as much fun as he describes? Should I check out the stadium some time in the next week?

** On Tuesday, we'll be watching practice closely, obviously focusing on the linebacker situation. And I'll also have another post from Football Outsiders. Believe it or not, they predicted defensive injuries taking a toll on the Eagles this season.

** Click here for my earlier post on Bradley and a report from the afternoon practice.