Devastating news for Birds fans

For the past 24 hours, we've been in search of truth and rumors in regards to Brian Dawkins' future.

The chase is now over.

About 90 minutes ago, Les Bowen of the Daily News confirmed that the longest-tenured Eagle has agreed to a deal with the Broncos.

According to Adam Schefter of NFL Network, it's a five-year, $17 million deal that includes $7.2 million guaranteed. Escalators could boost the deal to $27 million, but the deal could also be voided to two years, $9 million.

The numbers probably don't mean much to you right now. What does matter is that the franchise lost its most universally-liked player in over a decade.

The exact date is unknown, but Dawkins will play in Philadelphia next season. The Broncos have a date with the Eagles at Lincoln Financial Field in 2009. That will be quite a day. I imagine many will dust off the No. 20 jerseys one more time.

I'll offer more of my take throughout the weekend, but for now, here's a Dawkins highlight video I found on YouTube from NFL Network.

At one point, the highlights go to Dawkins' interview with Terry Bradshaw after the Eagles earned a Super Bowl berth. At about the 2:30 mark, Dawkins says "Gimme some respect right now!" Seems kind of fitting, doesn't it?

And if you don't get chills at about the 2:45 mark, well, this whole Eagles Fan thing might not be for you.

Enjoy, and feel free to chime in with your thoughts on Dawkins' departure.