Ellis Hobbs and nude drawings

Editor's Note: If you are under the age of 18, easily offended or have no sense of humor, please skip this post.

New Eagles cornerback Ellis Hobbs has been on pretty much every radio show in the Philadelphia area this week, talking about how he'll fit in with the Birds.

So initially I wasn't even going to write about him because I figured most of you have already heard what he had to say.

But ESPN 950's Mike Missanelli opened up a whole new can of worms when he asked Hobbs to give the listeners something they might know about him.

Hobbs said he's an artist and will be graduating on May 9th with a degree in fine arts animation.

Apparently, Missanelli thought Hobbs said he was graduating with a degree in "foreign arts animation," which prompted the cornerback to explain what his major was about.

"Sometimes we would go into a building, we would have to draw that," he said. "You know, draw an apple from a weird perspective. You know, drawing naked bodies. Sometimes it was boys, which I could care less for. And sometimes it was women."

Missanelli obviously was not going to let that comment go without a follow-up and asked for more on the drawing of nude models.

"Some good, some bad man," Hobbs said. "Now don't get me wrong. Just cause they were women doesn't mean they were all the greatest of women. But just different types of bodies, some fat, some skinny, some out of whack and some not."

And the male models?

"It was awkward, trust me. It was awkward," Hobbs said. "But it's kind of like your job now. You gotta be a professional about it. But trust me man, it was some weird times.

"I used to always get razzed by my teammates because they knew what I was doing. Sometimes I would have my drawings with me. They're like 'Man you drawing [male body part] now?' So I was like 'Man trust me. It's not my fault man. They make me.'"

Suddenly, we're reminded of a young Seth from Superbad.

More actual football content later. I promise.