Week 4: Eli, Buckhalter, Amendola

Giants quarterback Eli Manning will have an MRI today after suffering a bruised heal in Sunday's win against the Kansas City Chiefs.

Per Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News, Manning said there is "nothing to be worried about."

We'll know later today if he's right or not.

I'm fully comfortable admitting that I've been impressed with Eli through four games. Only Peyton Manning and Drew Brees have thrown for more touchdowns. Eli has thrown for more yards than Brees and has a QB rating of 104.1.

Some other quick hits from Week 4:

** Anyone else notice Danny Amendola in the Rams-49ers highlights? The scrappy wide receiver, who spent training camp with the Eagles, was part of a botched handoff on an end around, which resulted in a 49ers touchdown. On a bright note (kind of), he returned the opening kickoff 92 yards, but it was called back due to a penalty.

** We already talked about the role of ex-Eagles in the Broncos' win over the Cowboys yesterday. But time to expand a little bit. Correll Buckhalter, who has been part of Denver's committee at running back, left the game but said it's just a "sprained ankle." Let's hope that's true. Buck doesn't need any more bad luck with injuries at this point in his career, and he's playing well. He had 92 rushing/receiving yards before leaving the game and 108 yards on the ground the week before.

** From the This is why we miss Brian Dawkins category...

Dawkins chased down Dallas' Sam Hurd in the final minutes of Sunday's game. If he didn't get to him, Hurd may have found the end zone and tied the game at 17. Here's what Dawkins told the Denver Post after the game:

"There's a lot of blessings still built up in this body, and I'll do what I need to do for this team. If that means pushing the button to run a 4.3 or whatever, I'll do it."

Added Dawkins' teammate Champ Bailey:

"Oh, my God, I couldn't even kick it into third gear, and I see this 30-something-year-old guy, older than me, just screaming across the field. Might have saved the game."

** What happened in that Steelers-Chargers game? I switched to watch my DVR'd Seinfeld reunion on Curb with Pittsburgh up 28. Next thing I know, Philip Rivers is screaming on the sidelines.

** I can't believe I thought the Redskins had a chance to compete for the NFC East crown before the season. How is this team even 2-2?

** If Donovan McNabb turned in a second half like Tony Romo had yesterday...

** Is it possible that the Colts are flying under the radar despite the fact that they're undefeated and on national TV pretty much every week? Don't hear their name mentioned much in terms of Super Bowl contenders.

** I'll take the Vikings (-5) tonight over Green Bay.