Eli Manning: NFL's highest-paid player

Reports have surfaced this morning that Eli Manning and the Giants have reached a contract extension that will make him the highest-paid player in the NFL.

Jay Glazer of FoxSports.com was the first to report the news this morning.

And Mike Garafolo of the Newark Star-Ledger has the numbers, which are astounding.

Per Garafolo, it's a six-year extension worth $97.5 million. The final year of his current deal is included in the contract, giving him $106.9 million over seven years.  According to the report, Eli's brother, Peyton, had previously been the highest-paid quarterback in the league, earning $14.17 million. Eli's contract comes out to $15.2 million per year.

I don't think I need to ask you what you think on this one, but sound off in the comments below.

We wonder how Donovan McNabb feels about the news.

Philly.com's Danny Abelson is out at the practice field while I type. Some early morning notes:

** No McNabb or other 30-plus players out there today. They get the day off as a perk of Andy Reid's 30-and-over club.

** Jeremy Maclin is practicing for the first time, but of course, McNabb-to-Maclin will have to wait.

** Just got another text. Maclin has made his first catch! No defense, but still, gotta start somewhere, right?

** Danny also reports that rookie tight end Cornelius Ingram is not practicing today. We'll check on this one later.

** And no Jason Peters or Shawn Andrews.

** OK, heading out. More later. And don't forget we live chat at 2.