Eagles to honor Cunningham in Week 3

The Eagles will induct Randall Cunningham into their Honor Roll at halftime of their Week 3 game against the Chiefs.

By my count, 28 Eagles have previously received the honor, which was created in 1987 to pay tribute to "outstanding members of the organization."

The last inductions took place in 1999 when head trainer Otho Davis and the 1948 and 1949 championship teams were honored.

We last heard from Cunningham in late August during an ESPN 950 radio interview. He talked about the addition of Michael Vick, the criticism directed towards Donovan McNabb and more. Cunningham has had nothing but glowing things to say about Jeffrey Lurie and the Eagles' organization during recent interviews.

Tackle Al Wistert, who played for the Eagles in the late 1940s, will also be honored. Wistert was the first player to have his number (70) retired by the organization.

That Week 3 game is shaping up to be a pretty hot ticket. In addition to the halftime honor for Cunningham and Wistert, it will of course be the first time we see Vick in regular-season action.

Plus, who knows who the starting quarterback will be? Will McNabb be ready? Will Kolb be the man? Jeff Garcia? I would say there's no way Vick would start at QB, but then again, I also said there was no way he would be an Eagle a couple months ago.

This story was first reported by the AP.

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