Eagles' Super Bowl odds; McNabb fever

Periodically, e-mails from Bodog.com pop in my inbox.

The most recent one had Super Bowl odds for next year, and the numbers might surprise you. The Eagles are 18 to 1. That puts them tied for ninth overall in terms of favorites and fifth in the NFC.

Only the Saints (9 to 1), Cowboys (11 to 1), Packers (14 to 1) and Vikings (14 to 1) have better odds among NFC teams.

The AFC teams ranked ahead of them are the Colts (8 to 1), Chargers (10 to 1), Patriots (10 to 1) and Jets (12 to 1).

When the Eagles traded Donovan McNabb to the Redskins, there was a lot of talk about whether they were a better team than the Birds. Vegas certainly doesn't think so. Washington is 28 to 1, last among NFC East teams. The Giants, meanwhile, are 25 to 1.

Meanwhile, ESPN.com's Chad Millman reported on Twitter that the Hilton Las Vegas has released Week 1 odds. The Eagles are 1.5-point favorites over the Packers.

And one other link to pass along.

Dan Steinberg at WashingtonPost.com writes that one of the strongest impressions he took away form attending the Redskins' draft party last weekend is that the city has McNabb fever:

Even while Colt Brennan's No. 5 jerseys went on sale for 11 bucks in the bargain aisle, there were No. 5 burgundy and gold McNabb jerseys on all sorts of torsos: black and white, male and female, young and old, long-haired and short, skinny and fatty. This, bear in mind, is mere weeks after his arrival. Imagine what the crowd will look like in September, after several more months of birthday presents, shopping sprees, and realizations that many of your most popular Skins jerseys (Campbell, Smoot, Randle El, Griffin, Samuels) are no longer operational. You have to figure McNabb will have the top-selling Skins jersey next season, finally displacing Chris Cooley from that spot. He might have been a hated rival in the very recent past, but he's already on his way to becoming the face of the franchise, at least judging by these backs.

Steinberg has quite a montage of Redskins fans in McNabb jerseys.

Earlier, I posted a roundup of Eagles draft grades.

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