Eagles links: Andy's drafting

From now on, the Eagles links will be compiled through a series of short posts during the week. Here's the first link...

I'm told by several people that The National Football Post is a must-read site for every NFL fan/blogger.

Interesting post on there by Michael Lombardi, who studied the Eagles' drafting since 1999 when Andy Reid took over. Lombardi notes that seven of the Eagles' 24 second- and third-round picks have been a complete wash out. Of those 24, six picks have been used on offensive or defensive linemen, and none of those six currently start for the team.

Lombardi's conclusion:

When you look at the names, what is most alarming is for all the talk about being cap sound and adding youth to the team, the names are not impressive, even if they do start. The Eagles are not a talent rich team—maybe that is why I defend McNabb so strongly. As John Madden used to say, “having a great quarterback is a great deodorant”.

Finding talent is a talent—- and the Eagles have the right plan in theory, but not in practice.

What Lombardi didn't do is compare the Eagles' drafting to other NFL teams. For instance, when he says the Eagles have had seven complete busts out of 24 second- and third-round picks, is that the worst percentage in the league over the span being discussed?

Maybe this comparison is something I can put together in the offseason.

By the way, it's officially the right move to start picking the opposite of me on Monday night games. We can call it the "George Costanza Corollary."