Eagles fourth in power rankings

If someone's already linked to this, I apologize, but I just saw it today for the first time.

ESPN.com has released its offseason power rankings, and the Eagles come in at No. 4.

Writes blogger Matt Mosley:

With the additions of Jeremy Maclin, Jason Peters and LeSean McCoy, this should be one of the top offenses.

The three teams listed above the Eagles are the Steelers (1), the Patriots (2) and the Giants (3).

The Cowboys come in at No. 13. And the Redskins rank 19th.

The rankings are put together by ESPN.com's panel of 12 reporters. The lowest vote for the Eagles was No. 8, and the highest vote was No. 2.

As Eagletarian pointed out, NFL.com's Pat Kirwan recently ranked the Eagles third.

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