Westbrook on the screen, the Giants

It didn't take long for Brian Westbrook to be asked about the matchup with the Giants next week. Fox's Pam Oliver caught up with the Eagles running back right after the game. Here's what he said:

"It’s gonna be a tough game up there in the Meadowlands. You know those guys are rested. They’re a very good football team for us, and we have to go out there and try to execute our gameplan and play our game."

Westbrook was also asked about his 71-yard touchdown off a screen pass from Donovan McNabb that gave the Eagles a 23-14 lead in the fourth quarter. Here's how he described the play:

"Don got rid of the ball fast. And I would say I had 10 guys downfield blocking for me. It just happened for me. My offensive line did a great job downfield. Wide receivers did a great job downfield. My fullback did a great job downfield. Those guys [the Vikings] were overplaying a lot of things today and we weren't able to establish the run like we needed to. But that screen came just in time."

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