Eagles-Seahawks announcers, Sunday TV schedule

Your announcers for Fox's Sunday 4 p.m. broadcast of Eagles-Seahawks are Dick Stockton and Brian Baldinger.

Stockton has been manning Fox's No. 1 team with Troy Aikman while Joe Buck has been doing baseball. However, with the World Series scheduled to be over by this weekend (I know, we should not assume this), Buck and Aikman will be reunited to call Giants-Cowboys at 4 p.m.

Most of the northeast, including Pennsylvania, gets a solid 1 p.m. game on Fox -- Packers at Titans. Kenny Albert and Daryl Johnston will have the call.

On CBS, it'll be Jets-Bills at 1 p.m. announced by Jim Nantz and Phil Simms. No 4 o'clock game on CBS.

On Sunday night, it's Patriots at Colts (doesn't have the same hoopla it once did, huh?). And the Monday night matchup is Pittsburgh at Washington, which should be a good one.