Eagles-Rams wrapup

The Eagles were impressive in a 38-3 win over the Rams this afternoon. Thanks to all who joined me for the game blog. I haven't left this spot on the couch all day, but it was a lot of fun.

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Donovan McNabb threw for 361 yards and three touchdowns in the Eagles' 38-3 win over the Rams (Mel Evans/AP)

I'll be chiming in with post-game thoughts throughout the season, but I'd love to hear what you have to say about the game.

Post-game question

Who was the Eagles' offensive MVP?

The obvious candidates would be Donovan McNabb and DeSean Jackson, but there could be others like Brian Westbrook or the offensive line. You tell me.

The optimist says...

Jackson has Steve Smith-like ability. The Eagles rookie receiver had six catches for 106 yards, including a 47-yard grab early on that set the tempo for the offense. Jackson also had a 60-yard punt return in the second half.

McNabb has pretty much never looked better. He completed 21 of 33 passes for 361 yards and three touchdowns.

The defense answered a lot of questions. The Eagles had four sacks and limited the Rams' offense to 166 total yards. St. Louis didn't get on the scoreboard until the fourth quarter.

The pessimist says...

How many passes did L.J. Smith drop?

McNabb should have run the ball in during a second-half drive when he unsuccessfully tried to flip the ball to Smith in the end zone.

It's only the Rams. Several college teams could score 30-plus points on that defense. And why didn't Andy Reid take out the starters sooner?

Note: The optimist/pessimist section is me guessing what some of you are thinking, not necessarily my own thoughts.

Examining the box score

The Rams were 0-for-11 on third-down conversions.

St. Louis had more penalty yards (66) than rushing yards (36).

Eight different Eagles receivers had at least a catch.

Four Eagles receivers had catches of 30-plus yards.

Neither team had a turnover. The Rams punted 10 times.

What was with...

The play where the quarterback throws an overhand pass to the running back behind the line of scrimmage? Both teams tried this, and the results were ugly. Hopefully the Eagles at least will remove this from the playbook.

Was it just me or...

Did the Eagles' play clock expire about three times without a flag? On TV, in the first quarter, it looked like the clock expired before McNabb hit Jason Avant for a 31-yard gain on a third down. And I swear this happened two other times. Maybe FOX's clock was off, or maybe the officials just missed it.

Did you hear...

Announcer Moose Johnston say it was "bizarre" to hear the fans cheer for Kevin Kolb when he entered the game? Moose was trying to make the point that he didn't understand the Eagles and the fans wanting a quarterback besides McNabb to take over the franchise, but how did he want the fans to greet Kolb? I still like you Moose. Just an observation.

Don't forget...

To grade the Eagles. The categories are the same that Paul Domowitch uses for his grades. Tomorrow I'll compare what you have to what Domo has.