ESPN's Hasselbeck on Eagles fans

I noticed a new NFL analyst on SportsCenter this morning -- former NFL quarterback Tim Hasselbeck.

Hasselbeck spent time with the Eagles in 2002, and also had stints with the Redskins, Giants, Panthers and Cardinals.

During today's segment, Hasselbeck was talking about the warm reception that Packers fans gave quarterback Aaron Rodgers during a preseason game last night against the Bengals. I guess it's not the kind of fan behavior Hasselbeck remembers from when he was a player. Here's the story he told:

"I can remember an experience I had in Philadelphia where Donovan McNabb the year before had led his team to the NFC championship game. He went to a Pro Bowl that year. He started off a preseason game 0-for-5 and the Philadelphia Eagles fans booed Donovan McNabb in a preseason game."

Check back later today for a look at Week 1 NFL lines.