Dukes: McNabb haters don't know football

In an interview this week with ESPN 950's Jody Mac and Harry Mayes, NFL Network's Jamie Dukes had some advice for Eagles fans who boo Donovan McNabb or think he is the problem.

"Understand how hard it is to find a quality quarterback in this league," Dukes said. "Those who are booing, they have a problem with 5. And I can pull 10 teams up right now that would give an arm for that kid and so that’s why to me it’s silly, and to me it goes to -- Do these people really understand this game? Or are they just casual fans who know nothing about football?”

To Dukes' credit, he did not stereotype all Eagles fans. He clarified that he was referring only to the ones who boo McNabb and want him out of town.

His defense was a familiar one. He argued that the formula for success in the NFL has to include talent at the skill positions, and the Eagles don't have that.

"I hope they run McNabb out of town," Dukes said. "And I hope they run the coach out of town so that somebody else whose team is struggling can get somebody, because that other team is going to give him some weapons. Everybody else knows we gotta give this guy some weapons and we know this guy’s a great player."

When asked if the criticism that McNabb can't come through in the clutch is a fair one, Dukes said it was not.

"He pulls all the things out of his keester he could to get them to that point," Dukes said.