Does Eli want a No. 1 WR?

Before we officially kick off draft week, there are some items I've been meaning to mention that got lost in the shuffle last week.

** When Donovan McNabb said the Eagles could use "weapons" we mentioned it non-stop for an entire offseason and beyond. Well now, with Plaxico Burress gone, it looks like Eli Manning is making a similar plea. Here's what Manning said during an ESPN interview last week, per Newsday:

"They know we have some good receivers but that we might need a No. 1 receiver . . . And I'm sure something will happen during the draft or before the draft or right near it to help us out."

Manning was asked specifically about Braylon Edwards.

"You just see him make big plays," Manning said. "I know last year maybe wasn't his best year, but two years ago, he scored a lot of touchdowns. And I think you want a guy who can catch the ball and get in the end zone."

So there you have it. Sounds to us like Eli could use a new receiver.

Meanwhile, The Inquirer's Bob Brookover writes that the Eagles have not ruled out trading for a wideout.

** Cris Collinsworth will be John Madden's replacement for NBC's Sunday night football broadcasts. Recalling comments from last season, I beleive opinion among this crowd is mixed on Collinsworth, but I'm a big fan. The Eagles are currently scheduled for three Sunday night football games in 2009 (home against the Cowboys; at the Bears; at the Giants).

** A couple new pages on that are worth your time. Our NFL draft section has all our draft-related stories, columns and blog posts, plus video highlights of the prospects and photo galleries of past Eagles drafts.

** We also have a page dedicated to the Andy Reid drafts. The Daily News went into its archives and grabbed stories from past Eagles drafts. For instance, the first paragraph from Bill Conlin after the 1999 draft:

I rarely pray for rain. But this state is burning up - physically. And, spiritually, I needed something to keep me indoors after the city where I make my living disgraced itself once again Saturday.

The page is perfect for anyone looking to kill some time at work on this rainy Monday.

** And finally, it's draft week. We have some cool features planned at MTC, and I'd also like to do constant quick-hits with mock drafts, projections, etc. so check back often. If you have a link or article you think would be of interest to the group, feel free to e-mail me.

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