Do Eagles still need TE help?

During last month's draft, there were rumors that the Eagles were showing interest in Broncos tight end Tony Scheffler.

That didn't happen, and the Birds picked up Florida's Cornelius Ingram in the fifth round.

Between Brent Celek and Ingram (Matt Schobel is also on the roster), I assumed they were set at the tight end position for the 2009 season.

But Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post thinks they could still improve by adding a blocking tight end. The name he mentions is Denver's Daniel Graham:

The Eagles, for example, would really make an impact if they had Graham. He would allow Brent Celek to be the tight end to make plays in the passing game and would also give them a strong side run game. Graham, not Tony Scheffler, would make a huge difference for the Eagles. Scheffler is similar to the other tight ends currently on the Eagles’ roster. Denver drafted Richard Quinn, whose forte is blocking, at the bottom of the second round. Because he’s a second rounder, Quinn is certain to make the team, so trading Graham is plausible for the Broncos.

To be perfectly clear, Lombardi is not saying the Eagles are interested. He's simply making the observation that if he were running the team, Graham is an option he would explore.

So what do you think? Could the Eagles benefit from adding a blocking tight end, or are you comfortable with where they are at the position?

Much more later so be sure to check back.