Divisional round leftovers

I've become somewhat of a geek while watching games recently. I actually take notes. So here's some stuff that hasn't made the blog yet.

Note: I didn't see much of the Chargers-Steelers game because of philly.com post-game duties so you won't read much about that game in the items that follow.

Tomorrow the Eagles return to practice, and we'll turn the page on the Giants' win.

But in the meantime:

** Looking back, the Titans probably lost the game in the second quarter. Tennessee moved the ball on the Ravens' defense on three straight possessions but came up with no points -- a turnover on downs, an interception and a fumble. All three drives ended in Baltimore territory. It's tough to beat the Ravens when you can't capitalize on those opportunities.

** Before the game, CBS aired a piece with reporter Sam Ryan on Titans QB Kerry Collins. She asked him about playing in the league, but not starting. And here's what Collins said:

“At this point, I feel like either I’m gonna start or probably retire. I’ll consider retiring.”

The segment then showed Ryan asking Titans Jeff Fisher about Collins' comments. But look at how she phrased the question:

“Kerry told me if he’s not a starter, he doesn’t want to play next season.”

Huh? That's not exactly what he said. And we wonder why the public doesn't trust the media anymore.

** The hit of the weekend had to be Ray Lewis' shot on Ahmad Hall, which knocked his helmet off. By the way, how many times did a player lose his helmet last weekend? It had to set some kind of record.

** I'm not ready to say that the Titans would have won if running back Chris Johnson had played in the second half, but the rookie running back was gashing the Baltimore defense like no one we've seen this season. Eleven carries for 72 yards, including a 32-yarder before he went down.

** I wonder if when James Brown got into this business he envisioned asking questions like "What is it about the strip clubs?"

** By the way, did anyone else catch ESPN promoting Sunday's Pacman Jones interview as his first comments since being released by the Cowboys? Did they miss the CBS interview 24 hours earlier, or did I miss something here?

** Yes, with 2:53 left in the fourth quarter, the play clock definitely expired before Joe Flacco found Todd Heap for a first down. Phil Simms made a good point on this the other week. The clock has to hit zero, then the referee has to find his flag and throw it. So you really get an extra second there. Granted, the ref was unusually slow to draw in this instance. I agree with those who argue it should be an automated thing like the NBA shot clock.

** I'll do my picks Friday, and I'm leaning towards the Ravens covering. But that was just a brutal game in terms of injuries and physical punishment. During one sequence in the third quarter, Jevon Kearse, Albert Haynesworth and Le'Ron McClain went down on consecutive plays.

** Still trying to figure out what Dan Dierdorf was trying to say here:

“Teams that are minus three in turnover differential, their percentage of winning, you can count on one hand.”

** Maybe a touchdown-saving tackle by Sheldon Brown on Brandon Jacobs' 24-yard run in the second quarter? Something that isn't noted in the box score, but could have been a game-changing play.

** Count me among those who thought Flacco may stepped out of the back of the end zone for a safety when the Ravens were in their own end zone. Where was the replay of this CBS?

** Not only does Kevin Curtis deserve credit for tripping up Giants DT Fred Robbins after his third-quarter interception, but I also like the savvy of Curtis to try and force a fumble. Robbins is obviously not a guy who is used to carrying the football.

** Speaking of Curtis, his beard is my favorite. I'm convinced he could skateboard through the city and go completely unnoticed.

** In terms of the Cardinals traveling east, how come no one made the point that this was a night game so maybe it'd be different? Doesn't that have to count for something in terms of the time difference not being a factor?

** If there was an award for showing up at the scene of a tackle and barking at the other team on a consistent basis, it would be named for Asante Samuel. Was that guy fired up or what? He would run from across the field even when he wasn't in on a tackle just to get in Jacobs' face. This is a compliment, not a criticism, by the way.

** I'm not buying the whole "Arizona can now run the ball" theory. The Panthers' and Falcons' run defenses ranked 20th and 25th in the NFL respectively in the regular season. Edgerrin James carried 20 times for 57 yards. I know he looked good at times, but am I missing something here? If the Cardinals beat the Eagles, it will be because of big plays in the passing game and turnovers, not the run game.

** Still trying to figure out what Winston Justice was doing on the field in place of Todd Herremans. Did no one else notice this accept for me and chatter Mayberry?

** Jake Delhomme, it's tough to imagine playing a worse game. What happened?