DeSean tries to clarify comments

DeSean Jackson tried to clarify his comments about the Donovan McNabb trade. (Steven M. Falk / Staff Photographer)

I didn't think we could stretch this Donovan McNabb-DeSean Jackson thing into a Day 2 post, but now Jackson has responded to McNabb's response to Jackson's comments.

Get all that?

You can check out the original quotes from my post Sunday.

As I said then, Jackson has been consistent all offseason with his thoughts on the McNabb trade. He's excited for the young talent to bond on offense and doesn't expect a drop-off with Kevin Kolb under center.

Presumably after McNabb's response over the weekend, Jackson clarified his comments.

"It was nothing against Mr. McNabb..." he said, in a quote that appeared on a graphic during Comcast SportsNet's Sportsrise. "It's just that I'm very confident in what we have here now, with Kevin Kolb and Michael Vick. Basically, I was just very happy with the decision that was made."

Hey, isn't that what I said?

UPDATE: Jordan Raanan of informs me that this most recent quote was actually from the original Sporting News article.

So it probably should have been included in the original stories. See what happens when you make something available only in print and not online in the year 2010?

Other links:

* Talk about an attention-grabbing heaadline: Austin: Eagles losing their queen. Unfortunately, it's not as controversial as it might seem. Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin (like everyone else) was asked for his opinion on the Eagles trading McNabb to the Redskins during a radio interview last week.

"It was shocking because normally, in your own division, teams don't like to give pieces. That's like giving your queen to the other guy in chess," Austin told ESPN Radio's Colin Cowherd. "Not to say Donovan's a queen or anything like that. You know, hypothetically. But, he's a strong piece and he's a great player, so the defense has got a little bit more on their hands, especially dealing with Washington this year."

* If you're looking for some more football-related content, I did a post over the weekend, comparing last year's group of Eagles receivers and tight ends to the 2004 group.

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