DeSean Jackson tops your jersey rankings

Yesterday, I provided my list of 10-most buyable Eagles jerseys.

And you voted.

With nearly 1,500 MTC readers chiming in, we agreed on one thing: DeSean Jackson's No. 10 is the most buyable jersey right now. A whopping 43 percent of you agreed. Here is your complete list:

1. DeSean Jackson (43.4 percent)
2. Brent Celek (16.9 percent)
3. Stewart Bradley (11.4 percent)
4. Kevin Kolb (11.1 percent)
5. Trent Cole (5.5 percent)
6. Leonard Weaver (3.4 percent)
7. LeSean McCoy (2.6 percent)
8. Jeremy Maclin (2.4 percent)
9. Jason Avant (1.8 percent)
10. Brandon Graham (1.5 percent

Where did we differ? Bradley was a big one. You've got him third. I had him eighth. Definitely appears to be a fan favorite, and you all aren't worried about him recovering from the knee injury.

I had Kolb second, and you had him fourth. Interestingly enough, Kolb was the top-selling Eagles jersey in April and 12th-highest league-wide.

What do you think? Surprised by the numbers?

And the guys over at IgglesBlog pointed me to a tremendous post from last October which should serve as the Eagles jersey-buying Bible. I think I agree with all their points. My only request is an addendum for my "small, skinny guys shouldn't wear jerseys of huge linemen" rule. Plus, I think we all need to come together and decide when the offensive lineman jersey is appropriate.

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