Day of miscues for Eagles

What had been set up as another matchup between one of the NFL's haves and have-nots turned into something totally different Sunday afternoon in Oakland.

The Eagles were beat up by the Raiders, 13-9, for their second loss of the season.

The offense was atrocious. Donovan McNabb off-target. The receivers ineffective. And the offensive line outmatched.

This week's Man Up will be particularly fascinating. I'll watch the video tomorrow and break down just went wrong on offense and defense.

But here are initial thoughts:

** The result of Jason Peters' MRI tomorrow will have a massive effect on the season. It's really the one position on the offensive line where the Eagles don't have a lot of options. If Peters is out for any significant amount of time, the Eagles cannot afford to put King Dunlap out there. It looked like they were giving him a lot of help (kind of like they did with Winston Justice early in the season), and it didn't really seem to work. You would think that Todd Herremans could be an option to replace Peters if he's out. But then again, Herremans hasn't played all season. He has targeted next week's game against the 'Skins for quite some time, but would he be ready to start at left tackle? Not sure what the Birds' other options would be. 

** McNabb did not play well, completing 47.8 percent of his passes. He was obviously under pressure all game, but even when he did have time, McNabb missed on throws, particularly a couple times downfield when the Eagles could have had some big plays. And calling timeout when the Eagles had none during the final drive of the first half is inexplicable.

** We're through six weeks, and the Michael Vick experiment has to be categorized as a failure. Isn't this the type of game we thought they might use Vick? The offense unable to get anything going drive after drive. If Vick were the weapon the Eagles envisioned when they signed him, wouldn't it be worth trying to run him and the Wildcat for a series or two? I have no clue where this aspect of the offense is going the rest of the season.

** The Eagles were 2-for-16 on third down. That should pretty much tell you all you need to know.

** Why did the refs have so much trouble reading the numbers on the Eagles' jerseys? From what they said, Jason Babin (No. 94; inactive) and Lorenzo Booker (No. 25; and no longer with the team) were each flagged on Sunday.

** Dear Sam Rosen and Tim Ryan, enough with the pigeon. Please. I'm begging you.

** I Tweeted that by my unofficial count, Asante Samuel missed 18 tackles. I thought this was a high enough number that everyone would realize I was exaggerating to make a point. The funny thing is some of you thought he actually did miss that many.

** I think JaMarcus Russell could have thrown for 400-plus yards had he hit a few more wide open receivers.

** I said it before, and I know I'm simplifying it, but how do you not try to match up a running back or tight end with Jeremiah Trotter in coverage every time he's in the game?

** One bright spot I can think of was Brian Westbrook. He showed good burst on a few different occasions, finishing with nine catches for 91 yards and six carries for 50 yards.

** Like I said, more detailed analysis after I get a chance to rewatch the game Monday. But feel free to voice your frustrations below.