Dawkins' post-game take

Earlier today, I posted about Brian Dawkins' interview with Fox's Pam Oliver, in which he said he wants to remain an Eagle after this season.

Here are some of Dawkins' thoughts after the game.

On getting back to the NFC championship:

"It's hard for me to look back on all of them and say which one is better than the other. But I tell you what, this one has been the most ups and downs throughout the year to make it. We've had to do a lot of gelling, a lot of coming together and a lot of kind of putting your hands over your ears as far as what's going on outside to be able to get to where we are."

On the defense's role:

"I think we've been doing what we set out to do from the beginning and that's be a defense that doesn't give up big plays, that doesn't give up a lot of points, gets turnovers, to allow our offense to stay in rhythm. So whatever the coaches over there want to call offensively, we're gonna be close in every game because we're not gonna give up those types of plays and hopefully that gives them a lot of confidence in their play-calling to be able to call whatever they want to call whenever they want to call it because they trust us to not give up points."

On Asante Samuel's early interception:

"That's usually one of our goals anyway defensively is to give our offense the ball in scoring position. And so Asante did what he does, catch picks. Only thing we're mad at him is he didn't score with it. But that's what he does. He sits back and waits and baits and gets his hands on the football. And we got our offense the ball in scoring territory. What that also does is the offense punched it in, so I'm pretty sure that gave them a little lift also to know that when we do get down here we can punch it in on this defense."