Reporter: Dawkins deal not official

I just got off the phone with David White, the San Francisco Chronicle reporter who posted a couple hours ago, saying Brian Dawkins had agreed to terms with the Denver Broncos.

Here's the deal: White is not reporting that Dawkins has signed a contract with the Broncos. He actually never reported that. White is told by a source that Dawkins has "agreed to terms" on a deal. Many of us took this to mean a deal had been finalized, but there is obviously a major difference if you look at the wording closely.

As of right now, no one (that I've found) has reported that Dawkins has signed a deal. And White is still the only reporter I've found that says Dawkins has agreed to terms. The bottom line is that it appears nothing has been finalized, although White sticks by his source that a deal is in place.

White said I'm the only person from Philadelphia who hasn't cursed at him today, and I appreciate him taking the time to get in touch with me after I sent him an initial e-mail.

He ends his most recent blog post with:

And please, Brian Dawkins, sign the deal with the Broncos and don't go Bart Scott on me.

So, to clarify White's report one last time: Dawkins has agreed to terms, but he still has the option to change his mind.

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