Dawk surprised by Vick signing

Former Eagles safety Brian Dawkins was surprised that the Eagles signed Michael Vick, but he was not surprised that Donovan McNabb supported the move.

In an interview with Peter King of Sports Illustrated, Dawkins talks extensively about the Birds' decision to add Vick. He said he remembers McNabb talking to Vick on the phone in the past, adding that McNabb often tries to help young quarterbacks in the league, particularly young African-American quarterbacks.

Dawkins was also asked how McNabb will respond if he's slumping and Eagles fans are clamoring for Vick to get a shot.

"I'll just say that if there's anyone who's been through the fire as a quarterback, it's Donovan," Dawkins said. "The crowd in Philadelphia has chanted for A.J. Feeley, for Koy Detmer, for Kevin Kolb. Donovan stood strong. This is no different. But I honestly think having someone pressing him will be good for Donovan, if it happens. At the end of the day, let's be honest: Eventually Michael will want Donovan's job."

The last part sentence is particularly interesting, and it's true. The question is: When will that time come? When will Vick get an itch to be on the field more, to be a starter? Will it be as soon as he tastes a little bit of success? Will it be later in the year if McNabb struggles? Will it be next year in training camp?

Actually, I'm jumping the gun here like everyone else. First, I want to see how the 2009 Vick compares to the 2006 Vick. But if he's retained his athleticism, and is working hard with Andy Reid and Marty Mornhinweg, the questions are valid.

Dawkins also said Vick's performance could help push McNabb.

"Signing Michael means Donovan will make sure his game stays tight," Dawkins said.

So that's his take. Honest and insightful as always. And keep in mind, Dawkins has had McNabb's back from the start. He knows how he's wired, what motivates him and what makes him uneasy.


As you're probably already aware of by now, the Eagles cut safety Rashad Baker and added defensive back Brandon Harrison.

Unless you're a college football junkie, you probably know next to nothing about Harrison. I called on a friend, who is a Michigan man through and through to give me a short description of Harrison.

He e-mailed moments ago:

He’s small, jacked and a hard worker, but I’d be stunned if he made an NFL roster.

So there you have it.

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And as for that QB now in Minnesota, well MTC is choosing to formally ignore the story. I have a feeling you might get your fill of it elsewhere.