Cunningham makes SI's 'Thrill List' has named its 'Thrill List' for each sport.

The list is defined as "all-time bests at quickening the pulse and evoking a visceral response from those fortunate enough to have witnessed their artistry."

The Eagles are represented at No. 4 with Randall Cunningham.

Writes Peter King:

You know what I remember most about Randall? A 93-yard punt! True story. He punted it that far against the Giants while with the Eagles, pinned in their own territory on third down. A booming punt and a long roll. And how how about the time Carl Banks had him a quarter-inch from a roll-out sack ... and Cunningham popped up and threw for a touchdown. Strange guy, amazing player.

What's your favorite Cunningham memory?

I'll always remember him escaping a safety in his own end zone against the Bills and finding Fred Barnett for a touchdown. I was first discovering my love of football when Cunningham was in his Eagles prime, and that's the play that stands out.

Below is a grainy YouTube video of the play.

In case you're wondering, Bo Jackson is also listed at No. 4 on the NFL list. The top three are Deion SandersBarry Sanders and Gale Sayers at No. 1

Who are the most exciting players in the game today? Adrian Peterson? Larry Fitzgerald? You tell me.

And on a sidenote, I'll be having Lasik surgery Friday afternoon so you might not get any MTC updates for a couple days. But as soon as I can see again, I'll be back on blogging.

After all, rookies report to training camp in just 16 days.