Cowboys fans dreaming of Boldin too

Every time a rumor has surfaced this offseason about the Eagles acquiring a big-time wide receiver, a similar rumor has surfaced in Dallas.

The Anquan Boldin situation is the latest example. As The Inquirer's Bob Brookover and the Daily News' Les Bowen have both explained to us, a Boldin-to-Philly deal does not seem likely. A deal to Dallas doesn't seem likely either, but that hasn't stopped Cowboys fans from dreaming of a T.O./Boldin receiving corps.

Like the Eagles writers, Dallas scribes have tried to tell fans not to hold their breaths.

Here's a blog post in The Dallas Morning-News asking readers to comment with what they'd give up to acquire Boldin. Most answers are "a first-round pick, a third-round pick and [name of player we don't want]."

Meanwhile, we've had a poll up on asking readers if the Eagles should pursue Boldin. 94 percent of you say yes, three percent say no, and the other three percent say they should go after a different receiver.

Other notes:

I will not be doing a game blog for tonight's game or next week's contest against the Jets, but I'll be back for the regular-season opener against the Rams.

Raise your hand if you've had a conversation with an Eagles fan in the past week that involved them signing Usain Bolt. Bolt, of course (if you've been living under a rock), is the Jamaican sprinter who won gold in both the 100- and 200-meter races, all while showboating with one of his shoes untied. However, you may have to shelve those thoughts of Bolt catching bombs from Donovan McNabb. According to, no team would be able to sign him before he entered the draft.

Meanwhile, forgive me if when I heard Hannah Storm say on SportsCenter this morning "Breaking news involving the Chargers' Shawne Merriman" I wasn't thinking ligament damage.

Rams running back Steven Jackson has a new six-year, $44 million deal so he will be on the field when the Eagles host St. Louis in the regular-season opener on Sept. 7 (only two weeks from Sunday).

And finally, good luck to everyone who has a fantasy draft this weekend. Here are my rankings: quarterbacks, running backs (part one), running backs (part two) and wide receivers.