Cowboys quiet so far

Not a lot on the free-agency front to report since our last post about nine hours ago.

If you missed it, we wrote yesterday about Derrick Ward going to Tampa and T.J. Houshmandzadeh going to Seattle.

So over the next couple days, we'll recap what the other teams in the NFC East have done so far in free agency.

And we start with a team that has been relatively quiet since last Thursday night: The Dallas Cowboys.

There had been rumors that the Cowboys would pursue Ray Lewis. Not happening.

We had heard Terrell Owens could be cut. Hasn't happened...yet.

In fact, other than trading for a backup quarterback and signing a veteran linebacker, the Cowboys haven't done much of anything.

Over the weekend, Dallas traded starting cornerback Anthony Henry to the Lions for backup quarterback Jon Kitna. Earlier this offseason, they released backup QB Brad Johnson. According to Jean Jacques-Taylor of the Dallas Morning News, it was a puzzling trade considering the Lions were expected to release Kitna anyway.

Here are some other moves involving the Cowboys:

** Dallas signed veteran linebacker Keith Brooking to a three-year deal worth $6 million, with $2.5 million guaranteed. Brooking, 33, had spent his first 11 NFL seasons with the Falcons.

** The Cowboys lost defensive lineman Chris Canty to the Giants.

** And finally, there could be some Roy Williams news today. We're talking about the safety, not the wide receiver, by the way. Williams' agent has asked the Cowboys to either cut him or trade him today. Of course, as we've seen with players who want to set deadlines, teams really don't have to oblige. According to the Dallas Morning News, the Cowboys would save about $2 million in cap room by letting the safety go.

The Houshmandzadeh-watch and the Ward-watch are over, but I have a feeling we'll find news to report somewhere so be sure to check back later.

And don't forget to e-mail me links if you see stuff that would be of interest to the group.