Coughlin 'embarrassed' by Giants' performance

Is it just me, or did we have a similar headline on this very Web site Friday morning?

Except instead of Coughlin and Giants, it said Reid and Eagles.

The G-Men lost to the Bears, 17-3, last night and Tom Coughlin wasn't pleased with the way his team performed.

"Quite frankly, we got embarrassed," he said, per Mike Garafolo of The Newark Star-Ledger.

"I don't like that word: 'flat,'" he added. "(The players are) professional athletes. I question their focus. ... There isn't one phase that I thought played well. I didn't think we were very physical at all. We came in with some solid physical objectives and things we didn't do from the first week we had to improve upon. We really didn't accomplish any of those."

The Eagles had their own excuses after playing poorly against the Colts Thursday night, most notably that seemingly half the time was staying home with injuries.

The Giants had several players sidelined also, plus they just played Monday night and had only two practices in between games.

By the way, I love that the Eagles play all their preseason games on Thursdays this year. Very convenient for fans and exactly when the exhibition games should be played. They don't take away from your weekend, and most people who want to, can watch.

But back to the Giants. The one newsworthy item from the game is that defensive tackle Jay Alford, a Penn State product, suffered what is initially being termed an MCL sprain. Per Garafolo, Alford will undergo an MRI and other tests today.

Meanwhile, some news that could affect the Eagles' Week 1 matchup against the Panthers. ESPN's Chris Mortensen reports via Twitter that Carolina Pro Bowl middle linebacker Jon Beason suffered "at least an MCL" in last night's loss to the Dolphins. He is expected to have an MRI some time today. The Panthers' backup middle linebacker is Strath Haven and Penn State product Dan Connor.

We'll update later today when more details on these injuries trickle in.

Now it's off to the first of three 2009 fantasy drafts. What do we think with the No. 5 pick? LaDainian Tomlinson? DeAngelo Williams? Steven Jackson?