It's not all bad for Birds

Despite the dark clouds that seem to have formed over the Eagledom after DeSean Jackson' knee injury, this morning's practice actually wasn't all bad. In fact, It was pretty good. (For what it's worth, the Jackson injury didn't look too serious from what I saw on the field. Then again, I'm still about 8 years of schooling and a Mercedes away from being an M.D.)

The players looked crisp during the morning workouts, and there was some positive injury news with the return of marquee offseason acquisition Jason Peters at left tackle and the reappearance of right guard Stacy Andrews following a day off. Neither took part in live hitting, but Peters said after practice that he was about 98 percent recovered from the quadriceps injury that has sidelined him since his first day at Lehigh.


Some other notes from this morning:


*Before his injury, Jackson looked every bit as good as he has since he moved his bags into the dorms last week. Donovan McNabb seems to have found a serious comfort level with the second-year wide receiver, and went to him often today - almost always for a big play. The crowd erupted when McNabb found Jackson down the sideline on the first play, McNabb dropping the ball in perfectly between two defenders. Assuming they both stay healthy, it's hard to imagine that combination not making a ridiculous number of big plays this year.


*The fans here LOVE them some Leonard Weaver. The big fullback gets raucous applause seemingly every time he touched the ball. And the nickname race for Weaver seems to be on - best we heard from a fan this morning was probably "Dream Weaver." Needs work, I admit, but it's not bad to start.


* Backup QB Kevin Kolb took a beating at the hands of the first-team defense early in the team period. First Asante Samuel picked off a Kolb pass intended for Brandon Gibson that would have been a pick-6 for the Pro Bowler in a game. Then, despite the "look but don't touch" red jersey all the QBs wear, Kolb took some serious contact on back-to-back snaps, first from Juqua Parker, then from Trent Cole. Kolb did get some redemption later in the sequence, dropping a nice pass in to Gibson for a 50-yard TD down the left sideline.


*I know he's been much-maligned, but running back Lorenzo Booker actually got quite a bit of fan support today. Of course, it helped that he made a few nice runs on cutbacks, looking might shifty doing it. Now, if only he could do that in a game.


* My favorite fan-player exchange of he morning: One very vocal fan, yelled "Pro Bowl this year, Sav!" as punter Sav Rocca strolled past. He didn't get much response from the stone-faced Rocca. A couple minutes later, the same fan directed his optimism toward Leonard Weaver, this time with better results. Weaver gave a half-turn and a nod to the guy’s shout of "Pro Bowl, Leonard!" -- and added a little tap of the chest for good measure. Guess he liked that idea.


*Finally, I heard the first Eagles chant of my weekend at 8:56 a.m. after LeSean McCoy sliced through the defense for a long run. Considering it was still on the early side of 9 a.m., a good effort by the fans.


--- Mike Potter