Ochocinco, Campbell and the No. 1 pick

A roundup of news around the league as you count down the hours until first pitch.

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And now on to some NFL nuggets:

** Any time there's any news about any receiver in the league, we discuss it here at MTC. Because it's Philadelphia. And we enjoy torturing ourselves. Yesterday, it was Braylon Edwards, Anquan Boldin and Plaxico Burress. And today we cite an article by Jason Cole of Yahoo Sports, who says Chad Ochocinco may or may not be on the trading block. Confused yet? Two sources told Cole that the Bengals would be willing to trade him. Two other sources said that they wouldn't. I'm not sure where that leaves us. Ochocinco has not attended Bengals offseason workouts, and Carson Palmer last week did not want to talk about the wide receiver, instead choosing to focus on the players who were in attendance. One of Cole's sources told Palmer in March that the team could deal Ochocinco before the draft.

** It's damage control time for the Washington Redskins. After going after Jay Cutler last week and coming up empty, the team has to now focus on convincing Jason Campbell that he's a wanted man. Ironically, the same situation is what led to Cutler's departure in the first place -- the Broncos tried to trade for Matt Cassel but came up empty. While there's no indication that a similar situation will play out with Campbell, who has taken the high road, Jason Reid of The Washington Post reports that Daniel Snyder met with his quarterback on Friday to try and clear the air.

"I expressed myself, Dan expressed himself and we just spoke honestly about the whole situation," Campbell said. "It was good to just talk about everything and for everybody to just say where they're coming from. For me, I just wanted to express what I'm trying to do as the quarterback of this team: trying to get better every day to help us reach that higher level we all want to reach."

** And finally Mike Reiss of The Boston Globe writes that the Lions have made calls about the No. 1 pick, but haven't found much interest because of the cost of signing the top player. Earlier this week, MTC's draft guru and operator of draftcountdown.com, Scott Wright, told us emphatically that he believes the Lions should select Georgia QB Matthew Stafford with the top pick.

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