Celek, McCoy on McNabb rumors

"Right now, they're just rumors, and until something happens, we're still teammates," said Eagles TE Brent Celek. (Michael S. Wirtz/Staff file photo)


Add DeSean Jackson to the list of Eagles who are answering questions about the team's quarterback situation without picking sides.

Comcast SportsNet caught up with Jackson in the crowd at tonight's Sixers-Thunder game at the Wachovia Center.

"It's hard not to deal with our quarterback situation," Jackson said. "But as a wide reciver, and the circumstances I'm at, I have a job to do, which is to go out there and work hard, and play football and catch footballs... no matter if it's [Kevin] Kolb, [Michael] Vick or [Donovan] McNabb throwing me the football. So I just hope everything works out for all their situations and I wish them the best.

"There's definitely curiosity going around but we have a lot of faith in our ownership and our coaches and everything like that so I feel they'll make the best move for our team. But whatever the situation is, I'm ready to roll with it."

From earlier:

As the guys over at Eagletarian pointed out earlier this week, fullback Leonard Weaver wants Donovan McNabb back next season.

Running back LeSean McCoy and tight end Brent Celek have also been asked about the Birds' QB situation.

These guys are in a tough position because they likely have no more information than the rest of us. If they say they want McNabb back, and he's traded, it looks like a knock on Kevin Kolb.

If they say they think Kolb's the man for the job, and McNabb comes back, it looks like a knock on McNabb.

So it's not surprising that Celek and McCoy took a pretty neutral stance.

"He's [McNabb] a teammate of mine, and you never want to lose a teammate," Celek told NBC 10 and Fox 29. "It's been a lot of fun playing with him. I'd like to keep that going. Right now, they're just rumors, and until something happens, we're still teammates."

And McCoy.

"The thing is we have three awesome QBs so whatever happens, happens. But I support the decisions that those guys make."

McCoy is pretty polished in this respect. He was given every opportunity last season to say he wanted to be the guy over Brian Westbrook, but never took the bait. Instead, he usually pointed out that he was just holding the position until Westbrook got back.

A couple other links to pass along:

* Good piece by Andrew Brandt over at National Football Post talking about how quickly trade talks can go from stagnant to active. He uses the Eagles' deal for Jason Peters last year as an example.

* Patriots fans are likely rooting against the Raiders acquiring McNabb. Why? New England owns the Raiders' 2011 first-round pick and would rather see JaMarcus Russell steering the ship, writes CSN New England's Tom E. Curran.

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