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Can McNabb throw for 4,000 yards?

Donovan McNabb set a career high last year by throwing for 3,916 yards.

Can McNabb throw for 4,000 yards?

Donovan McNabb set a career high last year by throwing for 3,916 yards.

His previous top mark came in 2004 during the Eagles' Super Bowl run when McNabb threw for 3,875 yards.

The question we pose this morning is: Can he throw for 4,000 yards in 2009?

Former quarterback Trent Green brought the issue up while filling in for's Monday Morning Quarterback Peter King this week. Green predicted that at least 10 QBs would reach the 4,000-yard mark this season.

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Will Donovan McNabb throw for 4,000 yards in 2009?
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  113 (18.1%)
Total votes = 625

His guarantees: Drew Brees, Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Kurt Warner, Philip Rivers and Aaron Rodgers.

Others that have the potential, according to Green: Jay Cutler, Matt Cassel, Carson Palmer, Matt Schaub, McNabb, Tony Romo and Matt Hasselbeck.

Last year, six QBs hit the 4,000-yard mark: Brees, Warner, Cutler, Rodgers, Rivers and Manning.

Green's prediction of 10 QBs throwing for 4,000 yards would be a new milestone. I went back and looked at his projection compared to the last 19 years (going back to 1990). The high-mark for quarterbacks hitting 4,000 yards was 2007 when seven did it.

Second was last season with six. And third was 2004 with five.

In the decade from 1990-99, the feat was accomplished 22 times.

In this decade, with one year left, it has been done 36 times.

As for McNabb, the tools he has to work with are improved, from the offensive line to Jeremy Maclin, LeSean McCoy and so on. Of course, much depends on injuries, not only to McNabb, but to the rest of the offense. Had he not been benched against the Ravens last season, he could very well have a 4,000-yard season under his belt.

Another factor could be that some believe Andy Reid will display a new dedication to the running game, given the offseason acquisitions.

Those same people also probably believe in the Tooth Fairy.

If McNabb is healthy for 16 games, he has a great chance to hit the 4,000-yard mark.

What do you think? Vote in the poll above, and sound off in the comments below.

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