Camp diary: Hitting the road

The bag is packed, and we're about to jump in the beat-up Jeep and head to Lehigh.

On the news front, still no word on a contract agreement for Eagles first-round pick Jeremy Maclin.

Overall, four first-rounders have deals: the Lions' Matthew Stafford (No. 1); the Jets' Mark Sanchez (No. 5); the Browns' Alex Mack (No. 21); and the Steelers' Ziggy Hood (No. 32).

This week, the beat guys fromt he Inquirer and Daily News both reported that Maclin's side seemed confident that a deal would get done before the team's first practice tomorrow, so we'll just have to wait and see.

One link to pass along.

Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times ranks the quarterback situations within each division. He's got the Eagles behind the Giants in the NFC East.

Here's what he writes about New York:

Once a disappointment, Eli Manning has reinvented himself since the 2007 playoffs and last season put together the best effort of his career, breaking the 60% completion mark for the first time and throwing for 21 touchdowns with 10 interceptions. He struggled without Plaxico Burress to stretch the field, though, and now won't have Burress or Amani Toomer. Time for the young receivers to step up.

And for the Eagles:

Donovan McNabb has his share of detractors, and they came out in droves last season after he admitted he didn't know NFL games could end in ties. That said, he's led the Eagles to five NFC championship games in eight years and has the lowest interception percentage in league history (1,500 attempts or more.) If he had a ring, they'd have already named the stadium after him in Philadelphia. Big if, of course.

So I ask you, if you had your choice between McNabb and Eli to quarterback the Eagles for the 2009 season, who would you choose?

OK, time to get in the car. The essentials -- sun block, deodorant and Gatorade Propel, are all packed.

Some of you expressed interest in the car situation when I brought it up last week. I actually got it looked at to make sure nothing major was wrong. I'm told by my mechanic Mike that the 'check engine' light will go on and off, but not to worry about it.

The brakes continue to scream as if they are crying out for help. But I'm also told this is not a big deal.

And we've got some freon in to provide a temporary fix to the A/C. The hope was to buy me a few weeks of coolness, but when I tried it yesterday, it felt like the outside 86-degree air was blowing at me through the two vents that actually work.

Oh well. If I can make it to late July with no A/C, what's another month or two, right?

The diary will continue once we reach Lehigh.