Camp diary: Destination reached

Well, the Jeep held up and we have reached our destination -- kind of.

Sitting in the Best Western lobby as I type this post. When they say check-in is at 3, they mean check-in is at 3. So we have some time to kill.

The ride up here was as quick as I remembered from a year ago. Had Rob Ellis on the radio for a bit. Is there a more underrated radio guy in the city?

And then caught the first few innings of the Phillies game. Julio Lugo, you gotta be kidding me. As Scott Franzke pointed out, Lugo had six extra-base hits in 37 games with the Red Sox. He now has six in three games with the Cardinals. Yes, all against the Phillies. Ridiculous.

On the football front, haven't heard anything new reported on the Jeremy Maclin front so that appears to be the story line of the day.

Meanwhile, Pro Football Talk is reporting that Hollis Thomas will choose a team this week. There were reports that the Eagles had brought Thomas in for a physical earlier this month.

Per the report, four teams are in the mix for Thomas. One is the St. Louis Rams.

Click here for part one of the diary, which included a link to QB rankings by Sam Farmer of the Los Angeles Times that had Eli Manning rated ahead of Donovan McNabb in terms of NFC East signal-callers.

We will speak to you again direct from Lehigh where will have full coverage of Andy Reid's introductory press conference.