Breaking down the NFC East

Steve Smith and the New York Giants sit in first place in the NFC East with a 5-2 record. (AP/MikeFuentes)

We're seven weeks in, and yet, we know very little about how the NFC East is going to play out.

It's impossible to win the division this early in the season, although it's quite possible to take yourself out of the race (see: Dallas).

There have only been three division games played between NFC East teams so far. The Redskins beat the Cowboys; the Redskins beat the Eagles; and the Giants beat the Cowboys.

That means there is still a lot to be decided.

With that being said, here's a look at each team's resume so far and what lies ahead in the next nine weeks.

GIANTS (5-2)

Resume: At 5-2, the Giants are tied with the Falcons for the best record in the NFC. After a 1-2 start, New York heads into the bye on a four-game winning streak, following Monday night's victory over the Cowboys.

Of their five wins, two have come against opponents over .500 - a victory at home against the Bears in Week 4 and a road win against the Texans in Week 5. The Giants have beaten three 1-5 teams, and the combined record of the opponents they've notched wins over is 11-20 (.355).

New York has won its only division game (against Dallas).

Upcoming: The teams remaining on the Giants' schedule are a combined 30-30 (.500) through seven weeks. New York is 3-1 at home and 2-1 on the road so far. Of their nine remaining games, four are at home, and five are on the road. Five of those nine are against divisional opponents. After a trip to Seattle in Week 9, three of the Giants' next four are against the Cowboys, Eagles and Redskins.

EAGLES (4-3)

Resume: At about 3 p.m. last Sunday, the Eagles looked like a pretty good bet to be tied with the Giants at 5-2 entering their bye week. Then, Kenny Britt happened. At 4-3, the Birds are tied with the Redskins for second place in the division.

Of the Eagles' four wins, only one has come against an opponent over .500. That was the Eagles' signature win - the 31-17 victory over the Falcons at the Linc in Week 6. The Birds have also beat the 1-5 Lions, the 1-6 49ers and the 3-4 Jaguars. The combined record of the teams they've beaten is 9-17 (.346).

The Birds dropped their only division game (at home against the Redskins).

Upcoming: The teams remaining on the Eagles' schedule are a combined 30-28 (.517) through seven weeks. The Birds are 1-2 at home and 3-1 on the road. Of their nine remaining games, five are at home and four on the road. And five of those games are against divisional opponents. In the last four weeks of the season, the Eagles get the Cowboys twice and the Giants once.


Resume: Washington has won three of its last four going into Sunday's matchup against the Lions.

Of the Reskins' four wins, three have come against teams that are above .500 - the Eagles (4-3), Packers (4-3) and Bears (4-3). The combined record of the teams Washington has beaten is 13-14 (.481). The 'Skins have only faced one team below .500 (Dallas) through the first seven weeks.

Washington is 2-0 in the division with victories over the Eagles and Cowboys.

Upcoming: The teams remaining on the Redskins' schedule have a combined 30-29 vrecord (.508). Washington is 2-2 at home and 2-1 on the road. Of their remaining nine games, five are on the road and four in D.C. The Redskins have four games remaining in the division, including two against the Giants.


Resume: It's been a disastrous 2010 campaign for Jerry Jones, Wade Phillips, Tony Romo and the Cowboys, who sit at 1-5 as they prepare for Sunday's matchup against the Jaguars.

Dallas' only win was against the 4-2 Texans in Week 3.

Upcoming: As if things weren't bad enough for Dallas, the teams remaining on its schedule have a combined record of 36-31 (.537). Every team the Cowboys face in Weeks 12 through 17 currently has a record of .500 or better. The Cowboys are 0-3 in the house that Jerry built, and 1-2 on the road. Of their remaining games, five are at home and five on the road. Dallas is 0-2 in the division with losses against the Redskins and Giants.

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