Quick hits: Braylon and Boldin

A quick roundup of some Wednesday morning rumors:

** We've been tracking Anquan Boldin's every move this offseason, so why stop now? I'd say about 95 percent of the "news" is no news at all, but let's be honest. If there was a blog post out there involving Boldin's trip to the grocery store, we'd probably link to it. Anyway, Kent Somers of the Arizona Republic reports that Drew Rosenhaus met with Cardinals GM Rod Graves last week, but (surprise, surprise) there were no new developments. Graves currently has his hands full with Karlos Dansby, who has reportedly hired a new agent.

** Yesterday, we rounded up the rumors involving a potential Braylon Edwards to the Giants trade. One more report has surfaced. Sources tell Clark Judge of CBSSports.com that New York is working on a deal to acquire the Browns wide receiver. A deal is not imminent.

 "But something is going on," a league executive told Judge. "And the Giants are in the middle of it."

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Kind of.