Boldin: 'Sometimes change is necessary'

Anquan Boldin joined Michael Irvin for a radio interview earlier today, discussing his status as a member of the Arizona Cardinals.

It was the first time (to our knowledge) that Boldin spoke publicly since Ken Whisenhunt told reporters that the team was willing to listen to trade offers for the wide receiver.

"I’m just at the point now where I just want to get it resolved in whatever manner that is," Boldin said. "For me, it’s been going on too long, and it’s way past due. I think it’s time for the situation to get resolved and then move on from there, whatever that case may be."

Irvin (a favorite of MTC readers) asked Boldin what it would be like to leave Arizona, given that the team was so close to winning a championship last season.

"I think it would hurt, but at the same time, sometimes change is necessary, if that’s the case," he answered.

Over the past couple years, Boldin has been consistent in blaming management, and not his teammates, coaches or the fans in Arizona.

That theme continued during this interview.

"I love all those guys in the locker room, love playing with ‘em," he said. "But like I told you guys, my only problem was with management. Always has been and that’s what it is to this day. I don’t have a problem with anybody in the locker room. I just don’t like how those guys treat different guys in the locker room."

He added that the Cardinals have not made him a long-term offer.

"That was the most frustrating thing for me," he said. "For them to continually come out and say ‘we’re working towards a long-term deal’ when my agent never got a call as far as getting an offer or anything like that."

So the obvious question is: Which teams will aggressively pursue Boldin?

Earlier we referenced a report by Sal Paolantonio in which he said the Eagles, Ravens, Jets and Giants had already shown interest in Boldin.

Since then, Jamison Hensley of The Baltimore Sun has confirmed through a league source that the Ravens have shown interest.

And Rich Cimini of the New York Daily News confirmed that the Jets made a call, but he's hearing that they aren't serious suitors.

More in the morning, including an NFC East quarterback publicly wondering whether his team could use a No. 1 receiver.

And no, it's not Donovan McNabb.

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