Boldin: It's out of my hands

Free agency has slowed down considerably with many of the big names finding homes last week.

And the draft is still about six weeks away, meaning the big moves that could take place between now and then will happen via trades.

In that respect, the one player everyone's been watching since before last season even began is Anquan Boldin.

There's not any major news on Boldin, but he did speak over the weekend, and surprisingly didn't make any grand proclamations or set any deadlines. Instead, he said he's just in wait-and-see mode.

"Letting my agent take care of it; I'm completely out of that," Boldin told Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic. "I'm enjoying the off-season, and I plan on continuing to do that."

As we've stated here at MTC several times, Boldin does not have a ton of leverage in this situation. He's under contract. The Cardinals can choose to rework his deal, trade him or do nothing.

"When it gets done, it will get done. I can't worry about when, or if, it's going to happen," Boldin added, according to the article. "The only thing I can do right now is take care of myself, continue to work out, stay in shape, enjoy the off-season. Because the season comes around quick."

Boldin's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, recently worked a deal with the Cardinals for free-agent cornerback Bryant McFadden. Rosenhaus told Somers he has no problem negotiating with Arizona's front office, even though he represents Boldin and Edgerrin James, who also has a contract situation to deal with.

"This contract should put all that speculation to rest," Rosenhaus told The Arizona Republic. "I know that people think my relationship with the team is strained, but when you have several clients with one team, you're going to have situations come up."

As for Boldin, there has been no indication that the Cardinals are looking to move him, although things like that can obviously change quickly.

When asked if he wants to remain in Arizona, Boldin said, "We'll see what they (the Cardinals) say. This is totally out of my hands."

More news and updates to come later in the day.