Baskett: Eagles receivers among league's best

Eagles receiver Hank Baskett in a game against the Steelers last September. (Ron Cortes / Staff Photographer)

Count Hank Baskett among those who think the Eagles are just fine at the wide receiver position.

In a video interview on the team's Web site, Baskett said the Eagles have an advantage over other teams because they can throw five different talented receivers at defenses.

"When you have just one receiver, yeah that one receiver can make a lot of plays, but in the NFL, injuries happen," Baskett said. "What if you put all your eggs in one basket and that big-play receiver gets hurt? Then what? Then it's a widespread panic."

Baskett listed the team's five receivers -- DeSean Jackson, Kevin Curtis, Reggie Brown, Jason Avant and himself -- and described what each player brings to the table.

"That's five dangerous weapons right there that you don't know what to do with," he said. "You can't gameplan all five of us."

And finally, he said the Birds' receiving corps is among the best in the NFL.

"I would definitely say our recievers stack amongst the best in the league. Some teams that they say have great receivers, they have one receiver. That's not great receivers. That's a great receiver," Baskett said. "... When you got a mixed group of guys that can fill every one of those different categories, that helps out because if one goes down, you have a guy that can come in, as we did last year, and still make things happen."

What does the MTC audience think? Agree or disagree with Baskett's assessment?

I think I know which way this one's going to go...