Banner: We can win with Reid, McNabb

Following the Eagles' NFC championship loss to the Cardinals, Joe Banner raised some eyebrows with his comments about Donovan McNabb and Andy Reid.

"What do they say? If you keep doing the same thing over and over and expect a different result, you're kind of kidding yourself," Banner told Comcast SportsNet's Derrick Gunn after the game.

Today, in an interview with CSN's Michael Barkann, Banner clarified his comments.

"I still think my answer was unambiguous but for the first time in all the years I’m here, somebody interpreting differently than I meant (laugh), so we thought that it was important to clarify it because you don’t want those things to take on a life," Banner said. "And the reality is my view and our view is unambiguous. We can win a championship with those people and they will be back and I’ve gone on to say we believe we’re very lucky to have them."

Banner was also asked about McNabb's desire to sit down with management in the offseason and possibly discuss a contract extension.

"We’re not gonna -- as we have always done -- talk about what we’re gonna do and not do publicly with contracts," Banner said. "But we’re obviously more than happy to sit down with Donovan and discuss or address any issue he wants. That’s not unusual. It’s probably unusual that he discussed it publicly but it’s not unusual for Andy to talk to Donovan or us to talk to Donovan. He’s a special player and been a huge part of our success and more than happy to do that."

Banner was asked a follow-up question about the perception that McNabb can't get over the hump and doesn't come through in clutch situations.

"We all know the only way we can end that conversation is to win the Super Bowl. And that’s legitimate," Banner said. "It’s a fair criticism. It’s a fair question, but until we win a Super Bowl...we know that’s what we gotta do. My own view is that to have even gotten to where we’ve gotten to, we had to win an awful lot of big games and I don’t care if he scores on the last drive of the game and that’s how we win or he scored on the first three drives of the game and that’s how we won. To me it doesn’t matter. We have to have won an awful lot of games. He had to have played well in a lot of important games. Andy had to have coached well in a lot of important games for us to have gotten to this many games. But our ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. Their ultimate goal is to win a Super Bowl. And they know the only way to prove that that criticism is isolated but inaccurate is to get on the field and prove it."