Babin: Eagles in my top 3

Jason Babin made the Pro Bowl in his first season with Tennessee, working under Eagles defensive line coach Jim Washburn. (Mark Humphrey/AP)

Jason Babin sounds like a guy who wants to reunite with his old defensive line coach, Jim Washburn.

During an interview with Mike Florio on Pro Football Talk, Babin said the Eagles are among the teams he's been talking to.

"I would say the Eagles are definitely one of the top three right now that we're discussing situations with," he said. "Obviously, Jim Washburn being the reason, and they're an organization that, honestly, they like to win, and got a guy like Mike Vick..."

Babin had 12.5 sacks in 2010. When asked why he was able to be so successful, Babin did not hesitate.

"Opportunity, and to be able to be coached by a guy like Jim Washburn that understands my particular skill set and really accentuates it," Babin answered.

He did not sound like a return to Tennessee is likely, calling the Titans' offseason philosophy "a little concerning." Babin doesn't think the Titans' new defensive system will cater to his talents.

He said numerous teams have called and expressed interest. Per Jim Wyatt of The Tennessean, those teams are the Falcons, Bears, Chiefs and Bills, in addition to the Eagles. Babin told Wyatt he's not looking for Julius Peppers money.

During the PFT interview, he said he wants three things from his new team. The first is a high-powered offense, because that will give him the opportunity to rush the passer. In the past, Babin said, playing with bad offenses, opponents have run the ball a lot and limited his opportunities.

He also wants to play in a system that suits his skills. Babin used the words "attacking" and "wide open."

And finally, an organization that is enthused about winning.

Last week, I explained how Washburn used Babin last year, concluding that a reduced role here should not really be an issue.

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