Q&A: Lindley, Allen and Lehigh

Nate Allen (29) is penciled in as the Eagles' starting free safety. (Yong Kim/Staff Photographer)

I've received quite a few Eagles questions via e-mail and Twitter over the last week or so. I haven't been able to respond to all of them so wanted to round them up here.

@deanlist: Haven't heard much about Trevard Lindley through camp. A product of not getting beat often, or not getting significant reps?

A: Lindley has been getting plenty of reps (with the second and third teams), and by all accounts, is putting in the work to get better. I've seen him more than once spending time with defensive backs coach Dick Jauron after practice. At this point, it doesn't look like he's going to be an immediate contributor once the season starts. I think the coaches like what they see. I just don't think he'll be ready. Injuries, of course, could force him into a more prominent role immediately.

@donblount: How does Jeffrey Lurie's comment about Aaron Rodgers reflect on his own young qb?

A: In case you missed it, Lurie talked about the group of impressive young QBs in the NFL yesterday and said Rodgers is probably the best of the group. Last year, I remember he talked about the Cowboys being underrated and even started discussing their depth at running back. It's not that he's off-base with the Rodgers comment, it's just a strange direction to go in when delivering the state of the Eagles address.

Lurie definitely gave an endorsement to Kevin Kolb, and really his actions tell us all we need to know. He was part of the decision-making process to move on from the Donovan McNabb era. But I did think this comment was strange - Lurie addressing what happens if the Eagles don't have a good, young QB in Kolb.

"If we don’t, we’ll be drafting more and more quarterbacks," Lurie said. "... If you picked wrong, you’re going to be picking quarterbacks."

@mtrible: Any insight on Nate Allen?

A: For the most part, Allen has blended in here at Lehigh. It would be a surprise if he's not the starter at free safety next to Quintin Mikell once the season starts. Allen has shown good hands. There was a two-day stretch where he had multiple interceptions during the afternoon session. I still can't say one way or another how he'll be in coverage or in run support. Right now, he's still trying to pick up the mental aspects of knowing where he's supposed to be on every play, and communicating with the rest of the secondary. I'll try to catch up with Allen this weekend to see how he's doing.

@DanInHolmesburg: Hey Sheil, I'm headed to training camp on Saturday. I've never been. Any must-see things?

A: Be sure to get there early. For those making the trip, you want to attend the morning practices. That's when the team has the pads on, and you get a chance to see hitting and more scrimmage-type action. The pads are off during the afternoon sessions. I'm not saying those practices are awful, but the morning is significantly better.

As for must-see things, I am probably the wrong guy to ask. For me, it's practice, food and sleep. Not complaining, just saying I haven't had a chance to check out what else the area has to offer. I will recommend the Piccadelly Cafe for lunch though. It's right there on Rte. 378 when you're driving in from the Philadelphia area. Good food, and outstanding service.

Ted: What's the level of physicality at camp versus expectations and Andy Reid talk?

A: It's physical. No question about it. The team puts the pads on and hits almost every day. As I mentioned yesterday, ESPN.com NFC East blogger Matt Mosley said it was noticeably more physical than the Cowboys and Giants camps, and Mosley said those teams weren't exactly taking it easy.

As I've mentioned in the past, I don't think it's fair to blame the physical nature of Reid's camp for all the injuries. A strained hammy is a strained hammy. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with how much hitting the team is doing. Many of the injuries have happened in the afternoon when the team is not even in pads.

Kevin: One question for you is who you see standing out at safety? I see plenty of good news about Brandon Graham, but haven’t seen much talk about Allen lately. Also, what’s the deal with Kurt Coleman?

I answered the Allen question above. And obviously, Mikell is starting next to him. I think Mikell is going to have a bounce-back year. Having Stewart Bradley back to help direct the 'D' is really going to help him focus on just being the strong safety. Don't get me wrong. Mikell still is one of the team's leaders, but he really was asked to do a lot last season.

Coleman started camp making an impression and playing very physical. Can't say I've seen much out of him since then, although he's getting all the reps with the second team, next to Quintin Demps. As for Demps, he's been OK, but I wouldn't really say he's doing anything to stand out. I don't really see him in the competition to start, although I guess that could change.

I'm not at Lehigh today for the abbreviated morning practice. I will attend Flight Night and will provide the usual Tweets, blog posts, video from the Linc.

The Eagles return to Lehigh tomorrow afternoon for a short practice and then it's back to the daily grind on Saturday. The first preseason game is a week from Friday. Can you believe it?

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