Another Boldin update

Another Tuesday and another Anquan Boldin update.

Although, there's not really anything new to report, so it should be noted we use the term "update" loosely here at MTC.

Once again,'s Peter King wrote about Boldin in his Monday Morning Quarterback column yesterday. Cardinals coach Ken Whisenhunt told King that Arizona is determined to keep Boldin.

Here's the excerpt:

I think I hear and believe what the Cardinals are saying -- and Ken Whisenhunt said it to me again last week, that he is determined to keep Anquan Boldin on his team. But I've seen too many of the guerrilla tactics by agent Drew Rosenhaus to think it's going to go down that way. The Eagles are sitting there at 21 and 28, frothing for a receiver. So is Miami at 25, Baltimore at 26, the Giants at 29 and Tennessee at 30. If the Cards think it's going to be tense with Boldin, with more problems at training camp like last year, they're going to have to think seriously of auctioning Boldin and spending the money on Karlos Dansby long-term.

Boldin is not expected to participate in team workouts, according to Kent Somers of The Arizona Republic. But, per the report, we shouldn't read too much into that, especially considering the same thing happened last offseason.

Other items of note this morning:

** Speaking of disgruntled wide receivers, Chad Ocho Cinco was the only Bengals wideout to not attend the team's offseason training program, according to Joe Reedy of The Cincinnati Enquirer.

“I’m not worried about him. I’m worried about the guys we have here,” said quarterback Carson Palmer. “The guys that want to be here and want to work now are the guys in the locker room and here today and here this offseason. I’m not going to worry about anyone else.”

** Could the Eagles play a prime-time game at the new Cowboys stadium during the first month of the season? According to Calvin Watkins of The Dallas Morning-News, Jerry Jones said over the weekend that the team will play its first two regular-season home games in prime-time. A source tells Watkins that Dallas' first home game will be in Week 2. The Eagles played a Week 2 Monday night matchup in Dallas last year, losing 41-37, in a game that will be remembered for the botched handoff between Donovan McNabb and Brian Westbrook. And maybe also for DeSean Jackson releasing the football prior to crossing the goal line.

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Back with more later, including a couple draft nuggets.