Aikman, Buck, McCarver received U.S. Marshals escorts

A government lawyer improperly arranged for Fox announcers Joe Buck, Troy Aikman and Tim McCarver to receive U.S. Marshals escorts to sporting events, according to several media reports.

The New York Times reports that Joseph Band, an attorney for the U.S. Marshals Service, who also worked as a statistician for Fox Sports, used "federal vehicles and on-duty deputies" to chauffeur the announcers at two World Series games in 2007, an NFL playoff game and the Super Bowl in 2008.

Here's what Dan Bell, the vice president of Fox Sports told The New York Times:

“At select events, he did offer transportation to some Fox Sports personnel,” Bell said in a statement. “We were unaware, however, that those arrangements were in any way inappropriate, and regret to learn now that they apparently were.”

Buck and Aikman reportedly rode to a 2008 playoff game in Tampa in a limousine. And in the Super Bowl in Ariz., they and Band rode in a vehicle driven by a deputy marshal.

According to the New York Daily News, Band, who is now retired, has denied any wrongdoing.

A full copy of the report has been obtained by

Buck and Aikman will announce the Eagles game on Fox for the fifth straight week this Sunday at 3 p.m.

Bizarre story for sure. Back to football later. And don't forget about the live chat at noon.