Afternoon notes: More 'Wildcat'

Before I head back to Philly, some notes from the afternoon practice, which was in shorts and no pads:

** This morning, I mentioned the Eagles practiced the 'Wildcat' on one play. In the afternoon, they ran it a couple more times, with DeSean Jackson in shotgun, LeSean McCoy in the backfield and Donovan McNabb split out wide. On one play, Jackson kept the ball and on the other, he handed it to McCoy.

** Every day so far, the same group of injured Eagles has stretched together while the rest of the team practices -- Brian WestbrookVictor Abiamiri, Trevor Laws, Jason Peters, Asante Samuel and Macho Harris. This afternoon, Ellis Hobbs joined them. Hobbs participated fully in the morning practice and seemed fine afterwards, so I wouldn't make too much of it. Just thought I'd point it out.

** A "Stuuuuuu" cheer was heard from the crowd as Stewart Bradley intercepted a McNabb screen pass. I don't remember hearing this last year. Is it new? Because of all the "Rauuuuuuul" success? Someone help me out here.

** McNabb and Jackson look to be completely in sync so far. They've hooked up on several bombs over the first few days.

** A.J. Feeley was picked off multiple times this afternoon, once by lineman Josh Gaines, who dropped back into coverage, and a couple other times by CB Trae Williams, who got a low-five from Jackson after one of the INTs.

** Tight end Matt Schobel walked gingerly off the field during the p.m. practice.

** At 4:04 p.m., after the Birds already had a morning practice under their belt and were about 80 minutes into the afternoon session, Quintin Mikell yelled to the 'D' to pick it up and get some turnovers. If you're looking for a vocal leader...

** If you're one of those fans that gets angry when McNabb smiles, you probably won't be a fan of new fullback Leonard Weaver. He smiles as much as McNabb and seems to be thoroughly enjoying every minute on the field. Horrible, I know.

** "How's Hawaii sound this year, Herremans?" shouted one fan to No. 79. "It's in Miami," he responded. At first, I thought 'Wow, this guy is the ultimate team player. Forget the Pro Bowl. He's thinking Super Bowl.' And then I remembered that the Pro Bowl was moved to Miami. Oh well.

** Had earlier posts on Leonard Weaver and Sheldon Brown.

** No practice for me tomorrow. I'll be back in Philadelphia for the day. As you can probably tell by the videos, laundry has become a necessity at this point. The reporters are inching further and further away each day. But I'll have at least a couple MTC posts to keep you entertained, and the guys from the Daily News and Inquirer will have the morning practice covered. In the evening, it's Flight Night at the Linc.