'A good start' for Kolb

Kevin Kolb got his chance tonight, starting for the Eagles at quarterback and playing the entire first half.

You have to wonder how often Kolb replays the second half of last year's game against the Ravens in his head. Had he played better, who knows what the Eagles' quarterback situation would look like right now?

Later, I'm going to re-watch all of Kolb's throws from tonight and will break down how he played. But he said he felt comfortable against the Jets.

"The more time I get, the more comfortable I feel, like any player," Kolb said. "Getting out there today, I think we had like forty-something snaps, we felt awfully comfortable. Hopefully it will continue to be that way and I will just keep working."

As for numbers, he went 8-for-16 for 110 yards and a touchdown. On the Eagles' first scoring drive, Kolb went downfield on a couple throws, and the Birds drew two pass interference penalties, one on Lito Sheppard.

"It was a good start," Kolb said. "Marty [Mornhinweg] took a couple shots. We were fortunate to get a couple penalties there and then we were able to punch it in. For the whole half, I felt like we were in a pretty good rhythm. A couple of drives we let it slip away, but we put up 24 points, and like I said, we had pretty good rhythm throughout the whole half.”

Much more later.