Moving the Chains Archive: June, 2009

McNabb partners with IHOP

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Last week, we told you that Campbell's Chunky Soup had decided not to use an NFL player in its marketing campaign for the first time in over... Read more

Brian Mitchell resurfaces at WIP

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Earlier today, we wrote about ex-Eagle Brian Mitchell and his departure from ESPN 980 in D.C. The station said they let Mitchell go because... Read more

B-Mitch let go for criticizing 'Skins?

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If you tuned in to WIP last week, you may have heard the familiar voice of ex-Eagle Brian Mitchell. In this morning's USA Today, Mitchell... Read more

One Eagle in the top 50?

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Before we know it, Super Bowl predictions are going to start emerging from publications across the country. And judging by the national reaction... Read more

T.O. returning to Superstars

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I did not catch the first episode of 'The Superstars' on ABC, but judging by how many people read's story about the show earlier... Read more

Ochocinco's Michael Jackson slip-up

At the sports bloggers conference I went to a couple weeks ago in New York City, they talked about how athletes can use Twitter to interact... Read more

Bernard Hopkins rips McNabb (yes, again)

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Back in November, we wrote a blog post titled Hopkins rips McNabb (again). The entry came after Bernard Hopkins slammed Donovan McNabb on... Read more

No soup for McNabb, and others

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If you've been anxiously awaiting the next Donovan McNabb Campbell's Chunky Soup commercial, you're fresh out of luck. The company will not... Read more

Barkley thinking Eagles Super Bowl

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Count Charles Barkley among the many who love what the Eagles did this offseason. Sir Charles joined Howard Eskin and Marc Farzetta on WIP... Read more

Report: Release surprised Otis Smith

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Back from my vacation in Portland and getting caught up on some online reading. A roundup of some links of interest: ** Assistant secondary... Read more